Room Directory – Hotel Prince De Conti



(free in the whole hotel) – Network: Prince De Conti – Password: Conti75006



·        Served daily between 7:00 am and 10:30 am in the dining room (on level -1) or in your room.

·        Breakfast in room : Cold and hot buffet – In room : Continental breakfast

·        19€ per adult – 12€ per child from 8 to 17 years old – Free for children from 2 to 7 years old.

Sanitary Measures


·       – For Health Security reasons, we have removed some items from the room: pillows, paper/pencils… Find all our measures on our website.

– You have the possibility to refuse room service in order to minimize contact and contamination risks.

Our Eco-Responsible Commitments


– Towels: If hung, they are not changed systematically. If you want them to be changed, please leave them in the bathtub or on the floor.

– Use of Eco Label and Fair Trade cleaning products.

– Progressive installation of low voltage light bulbs.

       – Bed linen is changed every 2 days. Please ask at the reception if you want a less frequent change.

– We ask our staff to pay special attention to the waste of energy: Turn off the light, turn off the air conditioning or heating if the room is not occupied, do not let the water run unnecessarily … We encourage our customers to help us in this approach.



– To reach the Reception, dial 9.

– To reach a room, dial 21 then the room number (room 1: 2101) and to reach room 24 dial 2106).

– To call outside, dial 0 to leave and then the phone number.

– France: 0.30€/min. – Mobile : 0.90€/min. – International : 0.90€/min.

– Possibility to wake up in your room on request at the Reception. (Please check that your phone is well hung up the night before)

Equipment and Services


       – The reception is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

– 1 small bottle of water is offered per person on arrival. In supplement from the 2nd night (3€ the unit) and available at the bar of the hotel.

– Laundry service: Linen to be handed in at the reception before 10:00 am and returned the same evening.

– Laundry bags are available at the Reception.

– We are at your disposal for any information of a general nature or concerning places to visit. We will be happy to book you a hairdresser, beauty treatments, relaxing massages… to advise you on stores or to find you a restaurant…

– Individual heating and air conditioning.

– Slippers, shower caps, shaving kits, combs, toothpaste and toothbrushes, sewing kits, are available at the Reception.

– A safe is at your disposal in the room’s closet. Please remember to protect your valuables in our safes, as the hotel declines all responsibility in case of loss or theft.

– We offer a selection of national and international television channels.


Take advantage of our bar to have an aperitif and relax…


Mineral water (50cl) : 3€ | Infusion/tea: 3€ | Orange juice 25cl : 4€ | Nespresso : 3€ | Coke or Scwheppes 25cl : 4€ | Perrier 20cl : 4€ | Beer 25cl (Heineken – 1664) : 4€ | Martini 4cl (Bianco, Rosso): 5€ | Campari 4cl: 5€ | Porto 6cl: 5€ | Ricard, Pastis 51 2cl: 5€ | Gin 4cl: 9€ | Cognac 4cl: 9€ | Rum 4cl: 9€ | Whisky 4cl: 9€ | Whisky 16 years 4cl: 12€


Wine 50cl (Red/White): 11€ | Wine 75cl (Red/White/Rosé): 17€ | Champagne: ½ Bt 37.5cl: 32€ | 75cl: 55€


*Price includes VAT

No smoking


The hotel reminds you that smoking and vaping are prohibited in all public places since January 2, 2008. The hotel is an entirely non-smoking area, except for the outdoor smoking areas where ashtrays are available. It is therefore absolutely forbidden to smoke or vaporize in the rooms for obvious reasons of safety and comfort. The Customer will therefore be liable for the full amount of the costs of cleaning and restoring the damaged element or space to its original state. If electronic cigarette smoke or vapor is detected in the room, the Hotel reserves the right to charge the Customer for the cost of immobilizing the room (number of nights of immobilization multiplied by the daily rate in effect with a maximum charge of 3 nights).